Nurse Family Partnership

First Steps Even Start Child Care Center

Who can enroll in the program?
Any woman who:
- Is pregnant with her first child
- Meets income requirements
- Lives in the service area

Enroll as early as possible in your pregnancy.  Contact:
Carolina Health Center
This highly-rated child care center provides care for infants and toddlers.  Certified child care providers use Creative Curriculum to support the successful development of the children in our center.  It is located at 615-B Clayton Street in McCormick, SC.

To enroll your child in this center,
pick up an application at the center and/or
speak to:
Pamela Turman, Supervisor, 864-852-6005

[email protected]
Shirley Middleton, Director, 864-852-6006

Imagination Library

Get applications at the First Steps Office 615 Clayton Street or at the 
Public Library
​201 Railboad Avenue

Child Care Scholarships

Parents as Teachers

We have scholarships to provide financial help with child care expenses.
To be elligible to receive a scholarship, you must be working or going to school and meet the risk requirements.  

Pick up an application at the child care center or Contact: 
Ruth Detrick, Executive Director,

[email protected]
Pamela Turman, Supervisor   

turma[email protected]

In this program, home visitors work with families and provide developmentally appropriate information, materials, and activities.  They offer practical guidance to encourage learning and to manage challenging behavior.

To enroll in this program contact:
Pamela Turman, Supervisor at

Margaret Wideman, Parent Educator

Call 864-852-6005

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