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Board of Trustees

Members of the McCormick County First Steps Board represent areas of the community that affect young children and their families.

Member                                                    Area of Focus
Michelle Anderson                            Head Start Appointee
Shanikque Blackwell  
                       DHEC Appointee
Paul Brown , Chair                             Library Literacy
Luella Crosby                                       Family Education, Training and Support Provider
Nadine Freeman                                 Healthcare Provider                    
Deborah Gunter                                 Early Childhood Education
Daisy Johnson                                     Early Childhood Education
Heather McNally                               Other Non-Profit, MACK

Nate McCasline                                  Legislative Appointee​
Middleton                              Childcare Provider

Kevin A. Rasberry                               Business Community
Robbie Seigler                                      Department of Social Services
Mary Thompson                                 Legislative Appointee
Pamela Turman, Vice-Chair          McCormick School District
May Phillips Turner                           Non-Profit Organization--Friends of the Library